Memorial Day – Christopher Moon

Memorial Day is a holiday in remembrance of all our men and women who have given their lives for this country. When one of those fallen heroes is one of your own family, this holiday especially takes on a special meaning.

Chris you are a special spirit who lives on in the many people you impacted during your short time on this earth. You are always in our hearts and minds. Thanks for the sacrifice you made for your country.

The lives of those who we honor continue to have value; they live on in our memories and in the effects of all they did and said. I am grateful for each and every person who has served in our military to keep our freedoms we so cherish.

I relish the thought of the time when people agree to settle their disagreements using peaceful means to find common ground and the use of weapons are no longer needed.

About Moon Ventures

Somewhere Over the Moon provides the opportunity to share my pictures of nature, my original oil paintings, and quotes that make me realize something about myself and life.
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