The tour keeps us so busy it’s hard to find time for posting to the blog, so sorry I’m running so far behind. So Wednesday afternoon the Colosseum was on our schedule. Our local guides they have provided are wonderful, just full of knowledge. It’s been quite hot and humid, so it was a bit uncomfortable being at the Colosseum but survived to see it all. Jim and I walked around the whole inside. Just walking around in a structure that was constructed in AD 72 is just beyond belief.

The pictures are in reverse order so look at the bottom ones in each section first. I am taking advantage of traveling time to do some posting and the internet is quite slow so will be doing small posts at a time to get them through. We have been having a great time, seen a lot, eating way too much, tasted Italian wines. 

About Moon Ventures

Somewhere Over the Moon provides the opportunity to share my pictures of nature, my original oil paintings, and quotes that make me realize something about myself and life.
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