Wine Tasting 

Sunday afternoon was free time so Jim and I set up a private wine tasting tour. Our guide stopped at the American cemetery where over 4,000 WWII soldiers are buried.

Next onto a Piazza in the small town of Chianti. We complained that we wanted wine tasting not shopping, so headed to a winery. Tasted 3 of their wines which were OK but not great. We are in the Chianti Classico wine region.

Our main stop was at the Brogioni Maurizio winery where we met with the owner of this very small winery. He took us into the vineyard to see the grapes that will be harvested within the next month and also the olive trees that they produce olive oil from. From there we saw his processing operation then to the most important part tasting.

He served us bread with olive oil, cheeses and tasted 5 wines. We really enjoyed the wines so much that we are having a case shipped to us.

It was a most enjoyable afternoon spending time in the country side drinking wines. I sure glad we spent the extra money to do this side tour.

About Moon Ventures

Somewhere Over the Moon provides the opportunity to share my pictures of nature, my original oil paintings, and quotes that make me realize something about myself and life.
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